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About Blademir

Born in Valladolid Yucatan, Blademir has developed his photographic work for more than 8 years in the commercial and tourist sector, specializing in architectural and food photography.


Based in the city of Cancun, he has carried out projects for high-level restaurants in Riviera Maya, St. Maarten, Curacao, St. Louis (EU), Fenton (EU), etc. Within its list of clients are hotel companies such as Royal Resorts, Simpson Bay Resort and restaurants such as El Faro, Captains Cove, El Conquistador, Hacienda Sisal, The Stone, 3 Margaritas, etc. He has done photographic production for Le Cordon Bleu, ME Hotels, Aloft Hotels and countless projects in important local restaurants. Recently he has worked with Britains brands as Jipcy London, Matena and Gillette.


Graduated in Communication from the Anahuac University, finishing his professional studies he completed a Master's Degree in Film direction at the "Escuela Superior de Artes TAI" in Madrid. He has in their education graduates of Training for professionals and of Digital Marketing for Businesses. He has participated and imparted countless photo and digital image workshops.

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